Monday, August 28, 2006

i have the best possible roommates a gal could ask for, but all i really want is a place all my own. unfortunately, san francisco is not very kind to the struggling twenty-something professional dreaming of home ownership...until that day comes i'll just drool over all of the things with which i would fill said home.

geode bookends from anthropolgie

african quilt scarf from echo. i would frame this or whip it in to a nice little throw pillow (following my obsession).

i love the
aidan chair from carrie's apartment on sex & the city. i would love a big comfy chair to lounge in and read books and magazines....

much more to come...

Friday, August 25, 2006

i finally got my pink vogue in the mail.

it affirmed several things for me. 1, that despite the ridiculous amount of advertisements, i love the magazine. 2, that i do think that kirsten dunst is really really pretty. and 3, that i still want to wear huge ballgowns and run amok in versailles.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

july 2006 elle decor

i finally got this month's issue of domino and was surprisingly pleased. the last couple of issues weren't as exciting as i had expected.
especially loved seeing the home of the husband and wife shoe-design duo,
loeffler randall. it's one of the few times that i feel like domino has featured the home of someone whose budget is fairly understandable to the masses of un-millionaires who read the magazine...hopefully it won't be the last.

from the editor's picks on the website:
"migration" hand-silk-screened wallpaper from cavern

oh, and they had a mini article on the hotel du petit moulin! i love that place...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

summer time travels. camping in big sur:

Monday, August 21, 2006

"geronimo" pendelton blanket

i've had this pinned to my bulletin board for the past year. it's a photo of the dining room of the hotel du petit moulin in paris. the interior was designed by christian lacroix while the facade (dating back to the 17th century) has been completely preserved. the next time i happen to be strolling through paris (!) this is where i want to stay.another photo of the dining room:
one of the rooms:

clare goddard "tea art" found in the sundace catalog

Friday, August 18, 2006

happy friday and end of the work day! i'm off to doodle with my new colored pencils and to go see a play at ybca.
as a final thought, here are 2 pillows that make me wish for a bigger bed and deeper pockets...

1st from elle magazine july issue. #2 is a josef frank (love love love) textile from svenkst tenn.

from one of my favorite san francisco artists, maria forde.
i fell in love with buttons she made of her favorite actors and actresses.
i bought this one:

then this one:

my boyfriend bought 2 of these, he liked them so much:

she sold them for a dollar at a local video store.

then i met her and got a chance to see even more of her drawings. she had a show of paintings in kiosks downtown of s.f women pickpocketers from the early 20th century. she's great.

german photographer frank thiel.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i just bought the voyage issue of selvedge. this is a new magazine for me and i'm completey floored, inspired and excited. here's the first find: amazing designs by artist/designer petra borner

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

just finished reading the supplement to last month's gourmet magazine. my secret indulgence is food writing. i love reading about food almost more than i love eating it. i also love looking at drawings and photos of food.

breakfast illustration with a list of favorite foods by maira kalman

and a photo from laura letinksy

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

from the ny times tuesday science section. sometimes i forget to look in the most obvious places for inspiration.

Friday, August 04, 2006

and finally for today: 2 patterns from repotdepot (...again) that i think would be nice as bedroom curtains.

and the gravy boat from eva zeisel at crate & barrel. i've been a fan of her pieces for a long time and lusted after the classic century dinnerware as soon as crate & barrel reissued it. i'd like the full collection (of course...) but i'd use the gravy boat to store jewelry instead of gravy.

kim cogan paintings of san francisco. he captures northern california light so beautifully. unfortunately i missed his show at white walls.

beautiful and smart children's patterns make me happy. this one is so clean and sophisticated but still goofy.
from repotdepot

it reminds me of one of my favorite kid's print, Bo Boo by Marikmekko. i had the sheets, curtains and comforter when i was a kid.