Monday, April 23, 2007

i'm back and whole again.
as promised...

10 things about myself:

1. i buy cilantro obsessively. there's always one bunch rotting in the crisper, one bunch being chopped on the counter and one very confused bunch in my grocery bag. i've tried to stop...really.
2. i love to bake sweets and gooey things but don't love to eat them.

3. i do love love love to eat bread.
4. i wish i spoke spanish fluently.
5. when i get even the tiniest bit embarrassed or put on the spot i turn all shades of fuschia.
6. i'm lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning and will often wear the same pair of jeans for most of the week.

7. i can teach myself to like foods that i previously did not like i.e: persimmons and papayas. i tried them again because they're so pretty and can't stop eating them now.
8. i'm really bad at sharing everything but food. i do it, not unhappily, but i don't always like it.
9. i would never never never use someone else's toothbrush. i'd rather finger brush my teeth.

10. if i get scared to do something new (which happens a lot), i really do follow my mother's advice to pretend to be confident and just do it. sometimes it works really well.