Thursday, January 22, 2009

this is the first sweater i've ever knit.
it was supposed to be this,
but i was scared of seaming.
so i made a top-down raglan
and used the general idea from the orignal pattern.
it's a little snug in the shoulders,
the sleeves are a bit too long,
the collar isn't what i wanted, and
my buttonholes aren't so slick.
but i made it!

i might try again and actually follow the pattern.
i have to face my fear of seaming....


zara said...

I think that looks amazing! Congratulations on finishing your sweater. I can't even finish a scarf!

Stephanie said...

It looks great - I love the collar and detail in the front. Lovely.

copperseal said...

good job! i know i couldnt do it.