Friday, December 15, 2006

window lace! i saw this in one of those fancy gorgeous design magazines several months ago but it wasn't available for sale yet. thanks to mav for the hygge link where you can buy this beauty of an idea.


k waters said...

This store is so fun! I love the name in fact when I was living in Denmark it was one of my favorite funny danish words. I know favorite word?

But it doesn't really translate. The danes will tell you it means cozy but that it means more than that. Its more an atmosphere when its cold and dark and winter and you have friends over for warm drinks and all the candles in the house are glowing. So I guess a scandinavian lifestyle in a way. That and its the silliest spelling of a word I've ever seen

s said...

oh it's like schadenfreude but in a nice version! i don't mean in the meaning, just in the idea of one little word summing up that huge feeling. i'll take "hygge" over "schadenfreude" any day though...with a nice glass of glogg, thank you very much!