Monday, January 08, 2007

some newly acquired treasures from the past few weeks:
- pepin press books! these are amazing. i want all of them, but am holding out for the sake of my budget...right now i have these 2.
- 3 beautiful
heath ceramics mugs (pictures to come) found at the goodwill for a ridiculous steal
- these 2 crazy books in german (which i'm learning slowly, but nowhere near novel-reading level yet...):

and finally, does anyone have any idea what type of plant this could be? it had the most amazing red branches...i might just cave in and get this book. not really a decent photo (eep) but it was dusk at the getty and i wasn't really prepared.

and thanks (and congratulations) to kelly for the mention on her blog!


Sarah said...

The plant looks like red-twig dogwood.

s said...

oh, yes i do believe you are right! thank you...this plant took my breath away.