Tuesday, December 02, 2008

over the past year, i've become a morning person.
i thought it was a new older-self development;
me enjoying early morning coffee and the paper before the boy wakes up.
turns out, according to my momma, i took a break in high school to be a grumpy teenager.
but otherwise, i've always been a morning person.
funny thing, isn't it?
a few photos from our backyard, early early thanksgiving morning.
very peaceful.
watch this short video to hear the birds chirping in the early morning.

tiny hummingbird on one of our plum trees


copperseal said...

you live in such a serene place - i think my body would become a morning person just to experience that every day :)

happy blogging and happy living!

dlittlegarden said...

Ahhhh! So peaceful. Wish I had a lovely, foggy yard like this to relax in.