Friday, December 05, 2008

we're planning a trip to mexico and need suggestions!
a bit of info:
we fly in and out of mexico city, but plan on heading south.
we have a little less than 2 weeks.
we're big on budget travel
would rather spend money on great food, sights and gifts
than on a fancy resort hotel.

would particularly love to see beautiful textiles and crafts.
any and all ideas much appreciated.

above photo is from our road/camping trip through baja a few years back


dlittlegarden said...

It's not south, but last year Jeremy and I went to a teeny surfer town on the Pacific coast called Troncones. It's about 30 minutes north of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, and it was beautiful and so relaxing. We stayed at a lovely place called Casa de la Sirena, which was pretty cheap, but there would be even cheaper digs in Zihuatanejo, which had a great local artisan area, with some parts more geared to American tourists than others. The food was amazing, and cheap. Check out my flickr pages to see pictures of it!

Michelle said...

AHHH, don't know where you are going, but if you can check out Holbox island, and swim with the whale sharks. nice.

shayna said...

oh thanks for the recommendations. both of those places sound/look fantastic!